The premise of Have We Met? is simple, but we’re finding that people have plenty of questions about the process, about appearing, and all sorts of random things. If your question isn’t answered here, feel free to ask a question with the form below. If you’re ready to apply to be on the show, visit our Apply to Appear Page.

What Do I Need to Appear on the Show?

Aside from the ability to talk to The Host through a computer, absolutely nothing. You will need a computer, a microphone (don’t worry if it’s not fancy, even earbud mics are ok), and a stable Internet connection. We’ll chat via Internet connection.

Will I Have to Give Personal Details?

That’s up to you, but you don’t have to share your name, where you live, or what you do if you prefer not to. We can use a pseudonym, and we can be very general about where you’re from. At most, we’ll use your first name, but only if you’re comfortable with that. We’re more about learning your thoughts and opinions, not the tiny details of your personal lives.

How Soon Will My Episode Air?

That’s going to vary greatly by how many shows we have recorded in reserve. Depending on what our show publishing schedule ends up being, we can give you a good idea of roughly how far out your episode will appear when we record. The hope is that we have a small reserve of episodes, but we won’t keep you waiting months to hear your show.

How Long Will We Take to Record?

The idea is that we end up with about 10 minutes of content when we publish. We might edit the conversation a little, but we hope to keep most conversations fully intact as they were upon recording. It will take 4-5 minutes to get set up and then we’ll spend the next 10-15 minutes talking. At most, we’ll spend 30 minutes together.

What If I have Met The Host Before But I Want to Apply?

Sorry, we’re really only looking for people who are completely unfamiliar to The Host. There might be an opportunity down the line to do some special episodes where The Host asks questions to people he knows, but those questions will be very different than what we have in a standard chat. This probably won’t happen for a while, however.

Is There a Minimum Age Requirement?

No, there isn’t, but if you are under the age of 18, The Host will ask that you have an adult sitting in during the recording. They don’t need to speak on air, but they will need to be present during the conversation and give their approval before the episode is posted.

Are Applications Open to Residents Worldwide?

Yes! While all interviews will be conducted in English, The Host would love to hear from people living across the world. Even if your English is only passable, we can make it work if you would like to appear. Coordinating record times might be trickier, but we can make accommodations.

Can We Suggest Questions or Discussion Topics?

The idea of the podcast is that each conversation will be very organic and that it will drive itself forward, but every once in a while a conversation can use a good icebreaker. If you have suggestions for things to ask, we’ll make it possible to submit those in the future.

Will the Conversation be Censored?

To avoid the explicit tag, all explicit language will be bleeped out, but guests are free to use whatever language they’re comfortable using. If any conversations veer into the realm of sexist, racist, transphobic, or offensive in any way, the interview may be terminated and scrapped. You’re free to share your political and social opinions, but we want to remain inclusive and safe for all listeners.

Don’t see your question answered here? Feel free to submit a question using the form below.