Coming Soon: Have We Met? – A Podcast About People

Have you ever met someone in passing and had a surprisingly good conversation with them? Maybe you were that one in a million instance where you talked to the person next to you on the plane and rather than getting annoyed, they talked back. By the time you landed, you were grateful for the chat and pretty surprised that the two of you found so much to discuss.

I believe that everybody has something interesting to say and something interesting to share. The average person is interesting, and I want to prove that. You are interesting, and I want to talk to you.

Here’s how the show is going to work. I’m going to interview someone each episode that I have never met. There’s no requirements for someone to come on the show, except for the fact that I can’t know a single thing about them. We’ll spend the next 5-10 minutes having a quick chat and that’ll be it. Nothing fancy, but it should be fun for both of us and hopefully for all the listeners out there.

On the surface of things, this sounds like a pretty boring idea, and that’s ok! Once episodes start going up and we all start getting to know each other, I think we’ll find that the everyday person on the street has a lot more to them than we often expect.

If you would like to appear on the show, just fill out our contact form to get included for consideration. I’ll follow up with you by email and we can set a record time.

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