Tracy joins me for the first episode of Have We Met? and we had a fun time sitting down and kicking off the show. Audio quality was a little rough on this one, due to the room, but Tracy was a fantastic guest and was a perfect way to get the show rolling.

Tracy is best described as a lot of fun in a small package. Call her mischievous, but don’t call her irresponsible. I got to spend some extra time after the recording talking to Tracy, and she has an amazingly positive attitude for someone that has had to face so much adversity in life. It’s nice to find so much inspiration in the people who are all around us.

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Music credit: Demons, by Will Turpin from the album Serengeti Drivers.

2 comments on Episode 1 – Tracy

  1. Ricki says:

    Love it. I know Tracy and she’s amazing.

    1. The Host says:

      She was great! A really happy person that knows how to look at the bright side of everything in life.

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