Episode 11 – Jackie

Our final episode of 2018 is with Jackie, the host of Zombiepalooza Radio Live. Jackie is a very creative and thoughtful person that brought a lot of cool insights to the show about the powerful effect of using creative expression. Jackie is from Ohio, where she enjoys the varied landscapes as a photographer and just spending time among nature. As a big supporter of creative expression in all its forms, Jackie enjoys art, dance, literature, film, and music. See below for how to learn more about Jackie’s weekly radio show and fiction anthologies.

  • Zombiepalooza RADIO LIVE: YouTube
  • Splintered Dreams: A Guide to the Apocalypse: Amazon.com
  • Splintered Dreams: A Guide to the Apocalypse Vol. 2: Amazon.com

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Music credit: Demons, by Will Turpin from the album Serengeti Drivers.