Episode 5 – Vicky

Vicky joined me for episode 5 and immediately I was won over by her positive outlook on life and her desire to help others find their way in life. Vicky has a lot of personal projects going on, which include recently publishing her own book of poetry, running an amazing website where people can anonymously share their struggles, a podcast about finding success in life, and much more! It was an honor to have Vicky on the show and I hope you all enjoy her as much as I did.

Vicky’s podcast, Adulting with Vicky, is available pretty much anywhere podcasts can be found. Make sure to give it a listen and subscribe!

Personal website: http://victoriadnguyen.com
Told By J. Doe – http://toldbyjdoe.com
Instagram – @victoriadnguyen_
Twitter – @itsvictoriadn

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Music credit: Demons, by Will Turpin from the album Serengeti Drivers.