matthew shepard

Episode 4 – Chauncey

Chauncey is a fantastic personality that we were lucky to have for one of the first episodes of the show. Working part time as an art curator, Chauncey has a few really cool projects that he’s been involved in and has coming up in the future. Able to find meaning in the big and small things in life, Chauncey was an uplifting guest to have on the show and I look forward to getting out and seeing his work in the art world firsthand. If you’re a fan of Awkward Family Photos, you just might have spotted Chauncey in the past…

Here’s some info on Chauncey’s upcoming art show at the Woodbury Art Museum (and how you can contribute your own art):

Check Chauncy out on Instagram!

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Music credit: Demons, by Will Turpin from the album Serengeti Drivers.